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Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry: Synthesis, Structure, Catalysis, and Photochemistry

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September 2014:
We wish postdoc Amit Das all the success as he embarks on a research position with Prof. Shannon Stahl at the University of Wisconsin. Amit was the leader in making exchange inert capping agents for CdSe QDs we were studying for H2 generation and in finding new Ni-based catalysts having redox active ligands.

Rich received the John C. Bailar, Jr. Award from the University of Illinois in Sept., 2014. Rich is a scientific "grandson" of Bailar's, having worked with Harry Gray who worked with Fred Basolo who worked with John. He was deeply honored to receive the award and had a wonderful time in the Chemistry Department in Champagne-Urbana.


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Left to Right: Richard Eisenberg, Josey Topolski, Mohsen Golbon Haghighi, Randy Sabatini, Purnima Ruberu, Yuming Dong, Amit Das, Lidong (Troy) Wang, Zhiji Han, Bo Zheng.