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Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry: Synthesis, Structure, Catalysis, and Photochemistry

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September 2014:
We wish postdoc Amit Das all the success as he embarks on a research position with Prof. Shannon Stahl at the University of Wisconsin. Amit was the leader in making exchange inert capping agents for CdSe QDs we were studying for H2 generation and in finding new Ni-based catalysts having redox active ligands.

Rich received the John C. Bailar, Jr. Award from the University of Illinois in Sept., 2014. Rich is a scientific "grandson" of Bailar's, having worked with Harry Gray who worked with Fred Basolo who worked with John. He was deeply honored to receive the award and had a wonderful time in the Chemistry Department in Champagne-Urbana.


Richard Eisenberg

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Tracy H. Harris Professor Emeritus and Professor (Research)

B.A. 1963 Columbia University
Ph.D. 1967 Columbia University

Awards and Honors

John C. Bailar, Jr. Award for Outstanding Research in Inorganic Chemistry, 2014
William H. Nichols Medal for contributions to Inorganic Photochemistry, 2013
Associate Editor, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2013-
Oesper Award of the Cincinnati Section of the ACS, 2013
Fred Basolo Medal for Outstanding Research in Inorganic Chemistry, 2012
Member, NAS Board on Chemical Science and Technology, 2012-
ACS Nobel Laureate Signature Award in Graduate Education (with Ph.D. student Pingwu Du), 2011
University of Rochester Lifetime Achievement Award in Graduate Education, 2010
Elected to the National Academy of Sciences 2010
Elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 2009
Elected to the inaugural class of Fellows of the American Chemical Society 2009
Morley Medal of the Cleveland Section of the ACS 2007
ACS Award for Distinguished Service in the Advancement of Inorganic Chemistry 2003
Editor-in-Chief, Inorganic Chemistry 2001-present
Editorial Advisory Board, Organometallics 1990-2000
Member, Editorial Advisory Board Inorganic Chemistry 1997-1998
Lady Davis Fellow, Hebrew University 1997
Varon Visiting Professor, Weizmann Institute 1997
Chair, Inorganic Division A.C.S 1993
Member, PRF Advisory Board 1988-1991
Councilor, Inorganic Division A.C.S 1988-1991
Chairman, Gordon Research Converence on Organometallic Chemistry 1988
Chairman, Organometallic Subdivision of the Inorganic Division of the A.C.S 1982
Member, Journal of the American Chemical Society Advisory Board 1982-1984
Organizer, First NSF Workshop on Organometallic Chemistry 1977
John S. Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship 1977-1978
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellow 1972-1974
Department of Chemistry Chair 1991-1994
Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences 1989-1991